Air conditioning installation at Vanquish Group, Ashford, Kent

    Air conditioning installation at Vanquish Group, Ashford, Kent 2018-12-18T12:06:40+00:00

    Project Description


    CustomerWe carried out the worked for a jewellery shop which is part of the Vanquish Group. They had just moved into bigger premises within a shopping centre and were in need of an air conditioning and heating system.
    LocationElwick Road, Ashford TN23 1YD

    How did we meet the customer’s air conditioning requirements?

    JPAirConditioning-Simmonds-012To begin with, we needed to carry out repair work on the existing air handling units by replacing the controller. We obtained a quote from the supplier, completed some fault finding and commissioned the work.

    We were then ready to move on to the installation work itself. This needed to be completed within the set timeframe, and before the carpets and flooring were installed, so we liaised with others working on the project to make sure everything came together.

    We installed four Daikin indoor air conditioning units, and a ducted system. This provided the customer with the all-round cooling and heating system they required, and we specifically selected the units to meet their specifications.

    What did we do to accommodate our customer’s needs?

    • Met tight installation deadlines. We needed to complete the installation on time and meet our deadline for the opening of the shop. We worked during the weekend to make sure this happened.
    • Worked closely with other contractors. There were many other tradespeople working on the premises to get the shop ready for opening, including plumbers, electricians and a whole shop fit out team.
    • Handled all air conditioning work. We project managed the air conditioning part of the process, bringing in other suppliers where needed to ensure everything was working as it should be.

    We will also now be providing servicing for the air conditioning units on a six-monthly basis to keep all equipment in good working order.

    What did the customer have to say about our air conditioning installation?

    JPAirConditioning-Simmonds-100“We have been happy with the quality of work and responsiveness of the engineers. The install was complete to a high standard and the client was very happy. We have employed JP Air Conditioning Services Ltd for various other installs and maintenance work and have always been very happy with the service.”

    Tips for installing air conditioning and heating systems in retail premises

    JPAirConditioning-Simmonds-007If you operate in the retail sector, your shop needs to have an appealing and comfortable atmosphere for your customers. Part of creating this ambience is about making sure your premises are a comfortable temperature – cool in summer and warm in winter. Talk to a professional installation team like us and we can offer you advice on the freestanding units, wall-mounted units or grilles to meet your needs. We can also offer you servicing to make sure your units last you well into the future.

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