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Client Beaufort Financial Westerham are financial planners based in Westerham, specialising in investments, retirement and financial protection. We carried out this work for them as part of our regular air conditioning servicing contract. At present, we carry out a service of their equipment once a year.
Location The Cart Shed, Home Farm, Squerryes Estate, Westerham TN16 1SL
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How did we meet the client’s
air conditioning requirements?

We carried out a regular service of Beaufort Financial Westerham’s multiple air conditioning units. There are ten units in total, five indoors and five outdoors. We completed the work in just one day, making this full service efficient and cost-effective for our client.

All air conditioning models in this property are Fujitsu, which is a reliable and highly-recommended brand. To keep working to their optimum efficiency, these units needs to be serviced at least once a year. We currently have an annual contract with Beaufort Financial Westerham to carry out the servicing and any maintenance work that is required after this.

Thanks to our efficient service, Beaufort Financial Westerham can enjoy a comfortable office temperature courtesy of their fully functional and efficient Fujitsu air conditioning unit.

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There will usually be some signs that your air conditioning unit is due for its service – if you are ever unsure, you can check the documentation relating to your specific unit, which will give you details about the recommended servicing frequency.

These are some of the signs your air conditioning unit might be due a service:

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