Air source heat pumps in London

Air Source Heat Pumps London

For an energy efficient alternative to traditional heating and air conditioning, consider installing an air source heat pump within your London property

Our team can take care of the installation and maintenance process if you decide an air source heat pump system is the best option for your London property, whether it is residential or commercial. Whether you are interested in an air to air or air to water system, we can manage the installation process from start to finish, even connecting your new system to solar power if you would prefer. We ensure all necessary steps are taken so that your new heat pump is functioning at maximum capacity. Our expertise allows us to install air source heat pumps from multiple manufacturers, and with a minimum 5-year warranty on all our systems, you can rest assured that you are protected should anything go wrong. Our engineers can provide their ongoing support once installation is complete


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Air Source Heat Pumps London

Our air source heat pump installation process
in London

We follow a specific process when installing an air source heat pump within your property in London, similar to that of air conditioning units. We manage the process from start to finish so that the system runs smoothly and efficiently..

  1. We arrange an initial on-site survey to assess your requirements and devise a solution to best suit your needs. We assess key factors such as the current level of insulation in your home the size of the property, and the amount of space available for installation.
  2. We then provide you with a quote detailing the costs of the air source heat pump and installation.
  3. Once this is accepted, the installation process can begin. We will plan the wiring and plumbing with fully qualified engineers and plumbers so that installation will be completed as efficiently as possible.
  4. When installation is complete, the system will be run for 2 days to thoroughly  test all elements are working correctly (engineer jargon). The final commissioning then  checks all key plumbing and electrical heat pump components. Your commissioning report then confirms you are left with  your new fully functioning air source heat pump installation.

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