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Client Jemca is a car showroom based in Sidcup, selling new and used Toyota cars. They also sell parts, have an on-site bodyshop, and offer car servicing. They called us in to help when their server room air conditioning unit stopped functioning as it should.
Location Ruxley Corner, 146-152 Maidstone Road, Sidcup DA14 5HS
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How did we meet the client’s
air conditioning requirement?

We responded to a call out from the client, to examine an air conditioning unit in the server room that wasn’t cooling properly. The unit was leaking and spraying water, and there was a high ambient temperature in the room, so we knew we needed to act fast to rectify the situation.

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What did the client have to say?

“Jemca Sidcup confirm that we are happy with the regular maintenance and call out service that JP Air Conditioning Services provide to us. They respond quickly where needed and are always cost competitive”.

Air conditioning tips for people in the Sidcup area

A home office can be an environment that will really benefit from an air As in the case of Jemca, we are able to respond to call-outs quickly and get units fixed straight away. If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning unit, don’t put off having it fixed. You will have paid a significant amount to have an air conditioning machine installed in the first place, so keeping it in good condition means that you are getting the best value for money you can.

If you have your air conditioning units serviced regularly, you will get more efficiency out of them. We can offer you air conditioning servicing and will be able to provide a flexible contract to help you keep all your air conditioning units working to the best of their ability.

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