If you are looking for an alternative way to heat and cool your home, Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) Systems are a cost-effective and energy-efficient option. The way that they are able to transfer heat from stale air into fresh outside air means that you can expect your energy consumption to be reduced by up to 30% when compared to standard heating systems. In order to preserve these levels of efficiency, carrying out regular maintenance is essential. You can effectively clean your MVHR unit and its parts yourself, although regular servicing and cleaning by a professional can help you to ensure your system is functioning effectively. Allow us to explain further…

Why clean your MVHR system?

Your ventilation system continuously takes in stale air from the rooms of your home and air from outside, repeatedly passing this air through the filters and valves in your system. This means that these important parts can become clogged up with dust, dirt, and other debris. Air ducts can also become less effective at taking in and removing air due to a buildup of moisture, bacteria, or dust. This means that the quality of air in your home will be reduced and your system will operate less efficiently, so it is worthwhile to carry out maintenance on a regular basis.

How can you clean your MVHR system yourself?

There are different guidelines on how often you should clean each part of your MVHR unit, but a general rule to follow for each part is:

  • Clean ventilation grilles or valves monthly. These can be removed from the system easily, then brushed or hoovered to remove dust and wiped clean with a damp cloth. Valves must be cleaned carefully to make sure they are in the same position for optimum performance.
  • Clean or replace the filters every 6 months. Filters can only be cleaned once with a hoover, which must be used on low power to make sure that the filter is not damaged. Once this has been done and they become clogged, you should replace them to ensure your system can continue to provide clean air.
  • Check and clean the inside of the fan every 2 years.

What MVHR maintenance should you leave to a professional?

We recommend having your MVHR unit cleaned by a professional every 1-2 years. This is because great care is required when removing the fan for cleaning or properly cleaning the ventilation ducts. Removing the fan and not refitting it properly could lead to an imbalance, resulting in less effective ventilation and more noise coming from your system. Many of the key parts of your unit cannot be reached for cleaning without full removal, so a professional will be able to carefully remove these parts for deep cleaning or to fit replacements if necessary.

If you think it is time to book in your MVHR unit for servicing and maintenance or repairs, our team of experts at JP Air Conditioning can help. We are experienced working on these renewable energy systems and have the expertise needed to make sure your system is operating correctly. To discuss servicing or installation, give us a call today on 0208 333 1191 or email info@jpaircon.com.

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