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The air conditioning units which we utilise within our properties have become almost an essential part of our daily routine. Without thinking, we will switch these units on and leave them running throughout the day, turning them off when we feel as though they have done their job. To ensure that our units continue to work at their optimum, day after day, it is recommended that we run regular checks and arrange for bi-annual services to take place on the internal and external aspects of our units. Along with other aspects of healthy maintenance, one of the newer methods comes in the form of a chemical coil clean.

Over time and repeated operation, our units will become prone to collecting dust, pollen and other forms of debris, creating the ideal environment for mildew, mould and bacteria growth. The rate at which these forms of bacteria multiply can rise throughout warmer months and, if not treated correctly, can cause damage to the internal aspects of your unit or cause health issues to those breathing in the contaminated air. To reverse the effects of this occurrence, a chemical coil cleaning can be highly effective.

What are the main benefits of a chemical coil clean?

  • A chemical coil clean will remove bacteria from your unit, purifying your air quality, resulting in it being healthier to breathe daily
  • The deep clean will heighten the effects of your air conditioning unit, providing your property with a better cooling performance and allowing lower electrical consumption and therefore reduce your electricity bill costs
  • By providing your unit with a deep, chemical clean, you can help reverse damaging aspects such as dangerous microorganisms and prolong is lifespan

To ensure that these benefits take maximum hold within your air conditioning unit and the air circulating around your room, we recommend that you arrange for a chemical coil clean at least once annually, or if you find yourself being recommended the service by your engineer due to extreme debris build-up or if your last service date is unknown. This can be carried out in conjunction with any other maintenance that is required, such as your bi-annual service.

To speak with a member of our JP Air Conditioning team to arrange for your unit’s chemical coil clean, or for any additional information on this or any of our other services, give us a call on 020 8131 9038 or drop us an email at where we will be happy to help.