Air source heat pumps have become increasingly popular in homes all over the UK due to the fact that they can effectively heat your home in an environmentally friendly way as opposed to a traditional central heating system. The main types are air to air and air to water heat pumps, which operate by taking in outside air and passing this through a refrigerant to turn it from a liquid to a gas. This will then pass through a heat exchanger to transfer the heat to your water or heating supply and circulate it through your home. These systems operate at high efficiencies and are significantly cheaper to run than traditional heating, and this is just one of the reasons why you may want to consider installing one in your property…

Low carbon footprint

Because air source heat pumps use outside air to heat or cool your home, this means that they use significantly less electricity to power them. If you currently use traditional heating and hot water methods, these will rely on either coal or electrical power for your combi or gas boilers to run correctly. Replacing this with an air source heat pump will mean there are fewer carbon emissions produced by heating your home.

Reducing energy bills

Not only will using a new air source heat pump system reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also drastically reduce your energy bills. With the UK currently in the midst of an energy crisis and prices rising at an alarming rate, many will be looking for ways to cut their monthly bills. Opting for renewable energy in the form of air source heat pumps is an effective energy saving solution and can completely cut any boiler running costs, so that you are paying a fraction of what you would be for a traditional coal or electric powered system.

Heating and cooling abilities

Not only are heat pump systems effective as a source of heat for those cold winter nights, but you can also make the most of them all year round. The only requirement is that your system must have a COP rating of above 0.7 to have cooling capabilities. Another of the many heat pump advantages is that they are also particularly effective for underfloor heating, so this is something you may want to consider when having your pump installed.

Easy installation and maintenance

With the installation process taking as little as two days, there will be minimal inconvenience caused by having a heat pump fitted at your home. This will usually not require planning permission, although this may be worth checking beforehand. Once this is complete, servicing is recommended once a year so that the pump continues to function correctly and heat your property effectively. Once your initial air source heat pump costs are paid, you can expect your heat pump to last for up to 20 years if properly maintained, and most come with a warranty so that you are protected in case anything go wrong. This means you can benefit from reduced energy bills for years to come.

Air source heat pumps do have pros and cons to consider which may make them a more or less suitable fit for your property, but if you decide it is the right choice you will want to have it installed by trained engineers. Our team at JP Air Conditioning are experts when it comes to renewable energy. They can advise you on whether an air or ground source heat pump is suitable for you and will manage the installation process from start to finish. To arrange this with our team, give us a call now on 02083331191 or email and we will be happy to discuss your enquiry.

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