Having a fully operational air conditioning unit in your office is important all year round, but you may notice that is essential to keeping your employees focused during the soaring summer temperatures. Not only will a HVAC system make sure that your office is a comfortable environment, but it can also boost productivity and make sure that important equipment does not overheat. If you are considering whether air conditioning is essential for your office space, find out more about the benefits it could have.

Employee productivity

There is widespread evidence to suggest that if employees are not provided with a comfortable working environment, their productivity will decrease.  According to a survey carried out by the Facilities Management Journal, 29% of employees said that they could not work productively throughout the day as a result of uncomfortable temperatures. Installing a HVAC unit allows you to adjust the temperature according to outside conditions and the preferences of your employees. This can help you to ensure that conditions are optimal for focused employees working to maximum potential. You can expect to see the standard of work increase as a result.

Air quality

Not only can an air conditioner help your employees to focus, but it can also prevent distractions and irritations in the office. Continuously filtered air can prevent hay fever and other allergies from circulating in the summer months, disrupting employees from their regular work schedules. You can also see benefits from fresh filtered air at those times of years when colds and viruses are circulating. Maintaining a cooler temperature in your office makes sure that germs are prevented from thriving and illness is not able to spread as easily.

Office equipment

Just as important as the employees in your office is the equipment and technology that allows them to do their jobs effectively. Computers, servers, and other electronic devices are essential to keeping your workforce online and completing day-to-day tasks. With this equipment likely running from first thing until the end of the day, a large amount of heat will be generated. This creates the risk of machines overheating and shutting down. Air conditioning allows you to maintain a cool temperature to keep this important technology operating throughout the day, so that no disruption is caused to employees.

Energy efficiency

Modern HVAC units are built with energy efficiency in mind. They offer a cost-effective alternative to cooling your office by fan or using traditional heating methods. Whereas you may need multiple noisy fans operating throughout your workplace in the summer months to keep employees cool, only one or two air conditioning units are needed to operate quietly, offer more effective cooling, and use less energy whilst doing so. This is also the case during the winter, where the cost of heating your office can be high; HVAC systems can do this job effectively with a fraction of the energy costs, making this initial installation investment worthwhile.

If you are yet to decide on whether to invest in an air conditioning system for your office, you can expect it to have a positive impact on your employees and the standard of work that they produce. If you would like to discuss installation, contact our team at JP Air Conditioning today. We have a team of experts specialising in all types of AC systems, so we can advise you on the best option available. To find out more, give us a call on 0208 333 1191 or email

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