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Are you planning on renovating in 2021? If so, you may want to consider installing an air conditioning unit. With several benefits for health, comfort and productivity within both domestic and commercial environments, the list of positives is endless! Let’s explore how they can prove a great addition to your premises.

Improved productivity

Employees may soon begin returning to the workplace but, if the working world continues as it currently stands, it seems as though many employees will continue to work from their homes. No matter their base location, productivity is always required and expected of every employee. Throughout the warmer months, this can become increasingly difficult as heat and lethargy are proven to be connecting factors, limiting the level of work standard until the temperature begins to decrease. The simple installation of an air conditioning unit, either within a home study or main office, will ensure that the workspace remains cool and comfortable, allowing the levels of productivity to remain high and the standard of work to only rise.

Improved air quality

Air conditioners are built to do exactly what they say on the tin – condition the air! By doing this, they work to remove any traces of pollen, dust or other pollutants from the air within your premises, keeping it clean and easy to breath. Air conditioning units have proven to be a vital aid within the offices and homes of allergy and asthma sufferers, improving their air quality and health, daily.

Improved lifespan of electronics

Laptops, computers, televisions and even our mobile phones are prone to overheating under heavy usage, eventually bringing our electronics to the end of their time. With a constant flow of cool, clean air that works to cool yourself and your gadgets, you will notice the lifespan elongate, allowing you to get additional use out of your electronic products.

Improved sleep

Sleep is an important factor of each and every day, and we can all relate to the stress experienced when finding it hard to drift off. One of the factors which can prevent you from experiencing a deep sleep is the temperature of your bedroom. A room of uncomfortable temperature can keep you up, resulting in a negative impact on your working self the following day. With an effective air conditioning unit, you are able to heat or cool the room until you find the perfect temperature for your body to allow you to fall into a replenishing snooze.

Improved security

When utilising your air conditioning, all doors and windows should be kept closed. This factor alone automatically boosts the security of your commercial or domestic property. A running air conditioning unit will allow you to pop to a different room or floor of your premises without running the risk of unauthorized access into your home or office space, keeping you safe and secure.

It is important to keep your unit clean and to have it serviced regularly, ensuring that it continues to work at its optimum and all benefits continue to operate throughout your home. If you are looking to install a unit within your property, or to arrange for a service and deep clean of an already-fitted unit, get in touch with a member of our JP Air Conditioning team by calling 020 8333 1191.

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