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When considering installing an air conditioning unit, one of the main questions that we get asked is ‘how long will it take?’, a rather difficult question to answer, depending on a variety of factors. Today, we will explain these factors in hope to give you a better insight into how long it may take to fit a unit for you.

The process

With each installation, there is a process that is followed, tailored to each unit and property. These steps are important and cannot be fast-tracked as this could be detrimental to the effectiveness and quality of your air conditioning unit over time. Each qualified installer should take these steps with care.

By first assessing the site, they will be able to measure the space available and consider your requirements and criteria to be able to design a system suitably tailored to you. From this information, they will be able to provide an accurate quote for you to consider. Upon approval they will purchase the necessary materials for your unit. With a day and time then agreed with you for installation, engineers will get to work on fitting and testing your unit.

The process allows time for you, to inform, instruct and approve a series of things without the engineer pushing to get the installation completed promptly. You should take as much time to deliberate as you need to ensure that once designed, built and fitted, you are delighted with the outcome.

Other factors which play a part in the installation time include:

The size of your premises. You may require more than one unit to be installed due to the size of your home or office, resulting in additional time in fitting, as well as more checks.

The type of work needed. You may already have air conditioning installed but require a new unit. This would involve the engineers removing the old one before replacing it with the newer model whilst keeping the original pipework (where possible). This alone may take up to a full day of work. You may alternatively be looking for a full replacement of the entire system which would involve stripping your premises of the old mechanics and replacing with brand new versions.

Unit type. The type of unit that you select for your property determines the location of its placement, which in turn will affect the time taken to install. Condenser units require placement outside or even on top of a building, resulting in additional health and safety checks before the installation begins.

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