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If you like to stay nice and cool in your home or office, you will know that a fully functioning air condition system is vital.

Whilst the modern air conditioning systems offer everything that you need, as well as a variety of in built features, just like any other type of machinery, they need to be looked after.

This particular post looks at why it is important to ensure that your air conditioning system is serviced, no matter the time of year.

Why is it important to service your AC system?

When the summer comes around, and you reach for the air conditioning on switch, you will want it to work. This is why it is important to ensure that it is functioning properly.

The efficiency of your air conditioner can be greatly improved with regular servicing. In fact, it is thought that for every year that your AC system operates without being serviced, the efficiency can decrease by as much as 5%. It may not seem that much, but over the years, this can really mount up.

Servicing your AC system can also help to locate and fix any minor problems. These are the types of problems, that if they are left, will become much larger issues that could stop your system from working completely.

How frequently should you book in for an AC system service?

Many people wait until an issue develops, or when they need their AC system to book a service. This isn’t the ideal approach.  You should book in to have the system serviced during the first few months of the year. That way, there is plenty of time to replace or repair anything that needs it, and make sure that the system will be working perfectly for the warmer months.

During usual use, a large volume of dirt and dust can gather in the machinery of the air conditioning in your home and office. If this is allowed to build up, then you could be faced with a system that doesn’t work at all.

What should a service include?

An air condition service should include a number of things. A professional servicing company will know exactly what to look out for, and what things have to be checked.

They should be looking at the motor, the drain line, the pressures within the system, the refrigerant levels, the coils and the temperature.

You may also find that they offer a cleaning and washing service too. Making sure that all the inner components are clean and can work properly.

Arranging a service for your air conditioning system is always a good idea. No matter the time of year. So, don’t wait until it gets hot to make sure that all is working well. Book yourself a service in now 02083331191 and see if your AC system is working and ready to cool you down!

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