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Indoor air conditioning units can be a saviour on those hot summer days, as well as those cold winter mornings. With the ability to both heat up and cool down a room, they may be an item which you don’t wish to be without in your home or office. However, if not serviced or cleaned regularly, they could quickly turn into a negative with a number of risks and downfalls.

Having your air conditioning unit serviced regularly will help prevent any issues from occurring, but sometimes, a deep clean is all it needs.

There are three common signs which will give you the nudge to let you know that your air conditioning unit might require a deep clean.

Lower and softer airflow

If you allow dust to clog the filters in your unit, the level of airflow will decrease and be unable to cool, or heat, your room as it once used to. By performing a monthly clean, you can prevent this from occurring. It is important not to leave these filters clogged for too long as it may lead to a full service or replacement being required.

Increase in allergies

A clogged up and dirty air conditioning unit will worsen the symptoms of those that suffer with allergies or asthma. Without the unit purifying your air, you are allowing pet hair, pollen or dust to remain, causing an increase in wheezing, itching eyes or blocked sinuses.

An increase in monthly bills

If your air conditioning unit is not putting out the amount of airflow into your room that you require, you may then leave it switched on for longer in order to feel the benefit. This in turn will result in increased utility bill costs.

At JP Air Conditioning, we offer a deep clean service to remove any clogs and odours whilst keeping them in top condition. These deep cleans can come as a one-off option or can be added onto the end of a service. If you find yourself deep cleaning regularly, it would seem that your unit is in need of a check over.

Leading manufacturers recommend that air conditioning units should be serviced at least twice a year to prevent any malfunctions or breakdowns. The location of your unit will reflect how often it would need to be checked over. If it is placed in a large area with demanding requirements, it will cause itself to work harder, especially if it becomes clogged. Keep a closer eye on your unit if it is fitted in:

  • A gym
  • A hair salon
  • A restaurant
  • A kitchen
  • An office

Services will check for a number of things, from the correct rotation of the fans, the voltage being used by the unit and an overall inspection for any damage and breaks. With a JP Air Conditioning service, a clean will also be included. The option to add a deep clean is an extra which is available to customers.

If you believe that your air conditioning unit requires a deep clean or service, get in touch with our expert engineers at JP Air Conditioning by calling 02083331191 or emailing us at

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