Managing big temperature fluctuations

Managing your HVAC system to deal with external temperature fluctuations can be a tricky task to master at the best of times. When it comes to those times of the year when those fluctuations can be more extreme – such as during the winter months with sudden drops in temperature, or springtime when there are dramatic changes from one day to the next – it can become an almost impossible task. This month we take a look at how you can manage those changes more effectively and keep your office at a more constant temperature.

Check your building system controls

No matter how state-of-the-art your system is, it can always benefit from a regular check. A quick maintenance check can identify any areas where you can make small adjustments that can fine-tune the running of your equipment making it run more efficiently. This will avoid having any hot or cold spots around your space as well.

Monitor ducts and vents

Ducts and vents allow a regular flow of air around a space. Over time they can gather dust or debris, impeding flow, or develop cracks and holes caused by vermin. Identifying any such issues will help keep the air flowing more evenly and reduce the risk of hot and cold spots around the office.

Check the number of zones and controls

Larger spaces or those with big windows can lead to uneven heating and cooling. During the winter months those closer to the windows will be colder, while during the warmer ones they will feel hotter more quickly. Better temperature regulation can be achieved with a greater number of zones and controls that allow you to adjust for such variations. It will also keep your staff happier and save you money if you are not overly heating or cooling an area to compensate.

Office layout

If you have changed your office layout or the use of a particular space you may also need to update your HVAC system to account for this. Heating an area that is now used as a store room may be a waste of energy as is blowing cold air at desks placed directly below vents as you will have staff complaining in no time and finding innovative ways to block the vents – which of course will lead to problems elsewhere as the system tries to rectify the imbalance.

HVAC maintenance

Keep on top of your HVAC maintenance and you will be rewarded with fewer temperature fluctuations, lower energy bills, and identification of potential problems early on allowing you to deal with them sooner rather than later.

Manage the sun’s impact

Whether it is overheating a space during the summer or messing with your heating controls during the winter, managing the impact of the sun around a room can help deal with temperature variations. Consider installing window films, blinds, or louvres on south- and west-facing windows.


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