Keep your AC units in good condition over the winter

It’s safe to say that summer is now over. Even the Indian summer and wonderful warm spell we had in mid-October ended with an abrupt cold blast. As weather forecasts become more winter focused and wintry weather is on the way, if you haven’t already put your summer clothes away now is the time to do it.

Now is also the right time to make sure that any equipment you use in the warmer months is clean and ready for its winter hibernation. This includes any air conditioning units you may have in your home or office. With weather being so difficult to predict you never know when you may have to get it out again at short notice so you want to be sure that it’s in good working order and won’t let you down if there is a sudden hot spell in the spring.

We assume that you’ve been on top of regular maintenance for your units. This way you will have less to do now and the chances of finding a problem or of something going wrong when you do start using it again will be greatly reduced. Here are a few steps to take to put your air conditioning units away safely for the winter:

Step 1: Check your filter. Filters should be changed every three months when in use, but if you are not about to use it over the winter then consider getting it changed now so that it is ready for when you get it going again. Dirty filters will prevent your air conditioning units from working efficiently (which will cost you more in electricity bills). They will also stop air from flowing evenly across your room resulting in warm spots.

Step 2: Check your coils and fins. They need to be checked once a year, so now is the right time to do it. Over time they will get dirty and this prevents them from being able to deal with excess heat, again making them inefficient. Give us a call for a check, clean, or replacement to keep them going for longer.

Step 3: Check your external unit. This needs to be clear of branches so you may need to move pot plants or trim any overhanging trees. As well as protecting your unit in the winter from stormy weather, it will also make sure that there is a free flow of air during the months when you are using you air conditioning. Also check that there are no entry ways for small animals to burrow in and make a warm home over the winter. If you are covering up anything, be sure to make a note to remove such covers before turning the unit on in a few months’ time.

Step 4: Do a regular check. Just give your units a quick check once every couple of weeks and particularly after a cold spell or stormy weather. You want to check for any water or ice build-up and to make sure that there has not been any damage from falling branches, rubbish or even ice.

For help and advice on looking after your air conditioning units over the winter months just talk to us at JP Air Conditioning.  Our services include a thorough check over the entire system – we recommend regular servicing to keep your units in good working order – please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

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