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From homes to workplaces, air conditioning units are heavily depended on throughout the year and the thought of a sudden fault occurring can bring worry to those suffering with allergies or struggling with the warm and cold temperatures that the UK brings. However, these units are clever and often display their own warning signs when a fault is arising, we just have to pay attention to them! Picking up on the signs early enough can result in a simple repair, allowing you to utilise your unit daily without facing an issue.

Unhealthy sounds

Air conditioning units are constructed in a way that allows them to work silently, and so one of the simpler warning signs to pick up on would be the sudden introduction of unhealthy, mechanical sounds. This can come in the form of grinding, clunking or squeaking, but if you are picking up on any other sound coming from your unit which hasn’t before been present, it may be worth calling for an expert opinion.

The release of bad odours

Unfortunately, a tell-tale sign that your air conditioning unit is experiencing a fault is the release of pungent odours. There are various smells which could each signify different issues, but all in all, any foul scent coming from your unit is a warning sign to call for a repair. Musty odours can signify the growth of mould commonly found in units which haven’t undergone a service or clean for an extended period of time, whereas a stronger scent could lead you to the issue of a burnt-out wire.

Incorrect temperature of airflow

With the warmer months approaching, it is likely you’ll be utilising your air conditioning unit to circulate cooler airflow around the room. If you notice that the air leaving the unit is warm, or even hot, this is a standout warning sign that your air conditioning is experiencing a fault. From a possible broken compressor to a refrigerant leak, the repair work can be simple so long as you call for professional assistance as soon as you notice the issue.

A rise in your energy bills

Energy bills are constantly fluctuating, but a sudden standout spike in your costings could signify an issue with the airflow coming from your air conditioning unit. Over time, your units can possess a build-up of debris and this could cause a blockage to the filters, resulting in a lack of airflow dissipating from the unit itself. With less cool air sailing through your room, you may heighten the pressure to feel the benefit without registering the potential blockage, causing your energy bills to rise whilst the level of airflow remains at a minimum.

At JP Air Conditioning, our team of professionals are on hand to offer your unit a regular service and safety check, accompanied by a deep clean, as well as assisting with call out repair and replacement work. If you have an enquiry about your air conditioning unit, get in touch with our team by calling 020 8131 9038 or emailing us at

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