With the hottest bank holiday on record this month, we are hoping it is a sign of a warm summer this year to balance out the harsh winter we have had. If you are in charge of a building’s HVAC system, or have one installed at home and it is time to get it prepped and ready for that warmer weather, we have just the thing you need: a checklist. Follow the steps below now so that you are set when you need to get your HVAC working to the point that it cools you down when you come in from the warm outdoors.

Condenser covers

If you have put your HVAC system to sleep for the winter you will probably have covered up the outdoor condenser units to prevent them from getting damaged by ice and cold temperatures. For larger buildings, it may be that you have taken one or two units out of use for the winter. Now is the time to remove those covers and check the units for any signs of damage or debris that may be stuck in them.  Clear any such material out well, including from the area surrounding the condenser; because it works by transferring heat any debris in the way can affect this process leading to a less efficient system.

Air filters

We talk about this a lot and are always telling our customers about the need to change their air filters regularly. Depending on how heavily a unit is used this could be on a frequency of between three to six months. The spring time though is an ideal time to do it, as we make the transition from cold to warm weather. If your HVAC system has been operating during the winter it will likely have accumulated quite a bit of dust and dirt – more so than during the summer given windier conditions. It is very important that the right type and size of air filter is fitted. Let us know if you think your filters may need changing when booking in your regular service. Don’t worry if you’re not sure, as our engineers will check the filters as part of the service anyway and will recommend if they need replacing.


Give your air supply vents a good spring clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out any dust, pet hair, or other debris which may have found its way in. If you haven’t done so already, we would also advise that you arrange for a professional duct clean which will ensure your system works efficiently and your indoor air quality remains good.


From time to time your thermostat will need to be re-calibrated so it is worth testing it to check whether this is the year to do it or if you can leave it until next year. If your system operates a programmable thermostat you will also need to adjust it to reflect the warmer summer temperatures as well.

1, 2, 3, turn it on!

Once you have followed all these steps, it is time to turn the system on and make sure that it is working well. Give it a few hours to get going and check that you are happy with the airflow and temperature. If it is not quite right, go back and check the steps above before trying again.

Regular maintenance

We cannot stress enough the importance of regular professional maintenance to keep your system working efficiently and to stay healthy for longer. If you haven’t had yours done yet this year get one scheduled in before it gets too warm and you risk having to take your system offline during the hotter months.

For a professional check or maintenance of your HVAC system give us a call at JP Air Conditioning. You can reach us on 02083331191 or send us an email at for a discussion or to make an appointment.

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