Professionally installed air conditioning units are essential for any modern school. They create a comfortable atmosphere that is essential for productive teaching and learning, and provide a range of benefits to both staff and students. With HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units in classrooms and communal areas like the canteen, hall, and staffroom you can create a clean, modern, and focused environment for your school.

Student comfort

Keeping thirty students focused for an hour of learning can be a challenge at the best of times. If the temperature in the classroom isn’t comfortable then this is made even more difficult. Being able to control the temperature ensures that distractions and irritations are removed from the classroom, creating a productive environment for learning. This ensures not only that students are comfortable, but that they are ready to learn. HVAC units can maintain the ideal temperature while operating quietly to ensure lessons and exams can be undertaken peacefully. This gives students the help they need to succeed.

Staff comfort

The classroom should also be a comfortable working environment for your teachers. Regulating the temperature ensures that they are able to teach to the best of their ability. Having a user-friendly AC unit makes it easy to create the ideal environment for learning and it can be easily adjusted as the temperature changes throughout the day and year. Other staff such as site management, administrators, IT, and cleaners should also be taken into account. They also need a comfortable working environment in order to keep your school running smoothly.

Remove distractions

By providing a constant flow of air at the appropriate temperature you can reduce distractions in your classroom. An air conditioning unit can filter out irritants in the air. This reduces pollen for students with hay fever, which is especially important during the exam season when pollen counts are highest. Filtering the air also reduces the number of insects in the air such as flies and mosquitos that cause distractions and irritation to students. Maintaining an airflow in your building is also helpful in reducing the transmission of germs. Given the number of sickness bugs that spread through schools, it is essential this is reduced as much as possible to ensure students don’t need to take time off for sickness and staff are healthy.

Year-round usage

Your new air conditioning units will provide benefits to your school all year round. They keep your classrooms and communal areas warm in the winter and cool in the summer and can be adjusted as necessary to suit the weather. This is especially useful if your school has older buildings with inadequate window glazing or insulation. HVAC units can make up the shortfall and ensure that every classroom is the right temperature. What’s more, a comfortable environment instantly signals to any visitors, such as prospective parents, governors, or OFSTED inspectors, that you are committed to the comfort of your students and staff and are running a modern institution.

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