Whilst gyms often charge a premium to use the wide range of facilities they have on offer, customers may expect to be provided with the perfect conditions in which to exercise and maintain good physical fitness. Investing in a HVAC system for your gym may be a significant initial cost, but there are a variety of reasons that most gym owners consider this an essential investment. Let us walk you through the benefits that it can have on your business.

Customer comfort

When choosing a gym, customers will assess many factors before deciding which one best fits their needs and is worthy of its membership fee. They will expect a comfortable, well-equipped environment for them to complete their workout. Providing them with an air conditioning system that circulates clean air, removes debris and dust particles and maintains a constant temperature will go a long way in making the conditions in your gym comfortable for all members.

Optimal conditions

Whilst benefitting the general comfort of the members in your gym, adjusting your air conditioning to around 21 degrees is recommended as the ideal temperature for indoor exercise, keeping your customers safe and happy during their workouts. Once fitted, our engineers can ensure your unit is set to this temperature, creating the ideal environment for your members as they reach optimum body temperature.

Safety of members

Dependant on the size of your gym, you may find the air circulation to be fairly poor. This, combined with a busy environment packed with people working up a sweat, can cause a drastic rise in temperature, resulting in stuffy and unhealthy conditions for a workout. Our team of experts can provide you with a unit that will considerably improve air circulation throughout your building, allowing you to control the temperature and prevent the arise of unbearable conditions that may turn your footfall away.

Cater to different areas

Whatever facilities your gym has to offer, it is likely that you will want different locations to host varied temperatures, from your swimming pool and changing rooms, to gym floor and reception area. The installation of multiple HVAC systems can allow you to ensure that your customers and visitors remain comfortable, no matter where they are located.

Year-round usage

With regular checks, you can guarantee that your HVAC unit will keep your customers comfortable all year round. Our team of professionals offer servicing and repairs with quick response should you need us at short notice. Whether it’s a sweltering summer or a freezing winter, you can utilise your system to ensure a constant temperature is maintained. This will provide your customers with the perfect climate for a workout, regardless of the time of year.

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