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It has become an act of human nature to open our windows and doors every morning and allow the fresh air to seep into our homes or office space, no matter the weather or temperature, and it can often be instantly refreshing, but is there a reason why we do this? Are there any benefits other than the short-lived satisfaction of an uplifting wave of cool air being blown through the room? The answer is yes, there is a benefit. In fact, there are several!

Banish that stale air

One of the first and possibly most obvious benefit we think of, and the reason in which we partake in this action daily, is to remove any stagnant air. Overnight, we may close our windows or pull shut our curtains and blinds, trapping the air inside the room. We will then inhale and exhale this through the night, causing the levels of oxygen to decrease. The act of opening windows and doors first thing in the morning will encourage any ‘used’ air to remove itself whilst a fresh dose of clean and heavily oxygenated air enters.

Eliminate the dust

Similar to the action of getting rid of that stagnant air, opening doors and windows will also help to remove excess dust particles. We know, hoovering can do this for you, but it isn’t practical to hoover your bedsheets, chairs, sofas and cushions daily, is it! Shaking out your sheets and ‘bashing’ out the cushions and sofas will allow dust particles to loosen and the open windows will act as their own vacuum, sucking the loose particles out of your room.

Increase your concentration

Perfect for office spaces, opening your windows has been proven to increase your levels of concentration. With a fresh flow of oxygen entering the workspace, you can be sure to feel refreshed and awoken, allowing you to get your head down and start effective work on that deadline that is fast approaching!

Remove that mould

As we know, moulds are attracted to growth in warm, damp spaces. The corner of your office space, living room or even bedroom could be the perfect conditions for these irritants. A fresh breeze is enough to dry up any damp or moistened spots and cool every inch of the room with the outside air and overtime, will remove the possibility of further mould growth.

Eradicate those odours

The classic office based nightmare of someone cooking last night’s fish for lunch, or the dull odour of a bedroom after a sleep through a hot and stuffy summer night are the scents that we wish could banish as soon as they are identified – and it is simple. Open those windows and let the air do its thing, it will be eradicated in no time, leaving a freshly aired, odour-less room.

To eliminate and prevent these issues from increasing, you may feel as though you’ll be needing to keep those doors and windows open all day long. However, this is not always the case. For example, if you have a fitted air conditioning system, a fast spout of fresh air could be all that is required to exterminate those stenches and remove those dust particles. Your air conditioning unit will then work to circulate this fresh air around your home or office space throughout the day, allowing you to close the windows when the temperature is at a low, or when pollen is at a high throughout the warmer months preventing you from freezing and sneezing!

If you are considering an air conditioning unit for your home to increase the comfortability day upon day whilst still having the comfort of a clean and dust free zone, get in touch with our specialist team at JP Air Conditioning by calling 02083331191 or emailing info@jpaircon.com where we will get back to you.

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