If you own or operate a car dealership, it is not only the car’s air conditioning that you will want to ensure is working. It is likely that your employees and customers will be spending many hours a day viewing your fleet of vehicles and negotiating on price. You will want to ensure that your air conditioning and climate control adjusts to create a comfortable temperature for customers. You will want them to feel as relaxed as possible, so that you can spend plenty of time talking through the various options available. That’s not all, there are numerous benefits you will see from installing an air conditioning system in your dealership, which we can detail for you.

Customer comfort

One of your main priorities when it comes to car sales will be happy customers, so it is essential to create a comfortable environment with consistent air flow. You will want them to feel relaxed and happy to spend a longer period of time browsing or discussing the options available with a car salesman. An air con system will allow you to control the temperature to ensure optimum comfort.

Employee productivity

Whilst you may go through periods with fewer sales and a quieter dealership, you will still want your salespeople to be as busy as possible, picking up the phone and making enquiries with potential buyers. In order to encourage this, it is important to cool the air in your building to keep your employees focused and avoid them getting too hot and bothered in the warmer months.

Year-round benefits

It is not just summer where you will be able to reap the benefits of your air conditioning working properly. During the winter months, you can have your air vents circulate warm air around the showroom and offices, allowing you to maintain a constant temperature all year round that is comfortable for both employees and customers. This can have a positive impact on car sales from January right through to December.

Vehicle care

You will also want to make sure the cars in your showroom are kept in the best possible condition. An air conditioning unit will circulate fresh air so that when customers are viewing them, they are looking their best with no dirt or dust settling, as well as a comfortable cabin temperature when they are viewing the interior of the vehicle. With the car’s air con switched off, you will want the cabin as cool as possible for maximum comfort, and this is where your showroom air conditioning comes in handy.

The number of benefits that an air conditioning unit can have for your dealership are extensive, so it is something you will want to consider. If you are looking for high-quality air conditioning installation, why not contact our expert team at JP Air Conditioning? As well as installing air conditioning units, we can also carry out regular servicing to top up your refrigerant gas and keep your unit operating at full capacity. To get booked in with us for an air conditioning service, installation, or repair, call now on 0208 333 1191 or email You can also request a quote from us and expect to hear back within 24 hours.

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