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With the winter drawing in on us, you might think that your air conditioning unit is ready for a winter retirement. This is often a mistake made by many partially informed air conditioning users, as they do in fact have the ability to remain useful all year round. Here are just a handful of reasons as to why you should keep yours running through the colder months.

It can improve your air quality!

It’s not uncommon for illnesses to up the ante throughout the winter, from the common cold to the flu, and these can often get brought into your home or workspace. If there is a poor level of ventilation, these illnesses are more susceptible to spreading. To reduce this risk, you are able to make use of your air conditioning unit. The air from the vents will be enough to keep the air circulated and by opening the window a fraction, the pair can work together to supply a fresh spout of clean air to distribute throughout the room, keeping everyone feeling energized and preventing the illnesses from spreading.

It can keep you warm!

Yes, you read that correctly. Air conditioning units really do have the capability to keep you warm! It is a common misconstruction that they are only able to keep you cool throughout summer, but their main purpose is in fact to do what it says in the name – condition the air! The elements of cooling and heating are added to allow us to feel a physical benefit. Throughout the winter, those within your office space or home are bound to feel a chill each morning, so keep them warm by use of your air conditioning unit once again!

It can lower repair or service costs

We all know by now that your air conditioning unit requires at least one annual service and depending on the unit and amount of time left between each appointment, these may be accompanied by a few repair or part replacement costs. One way to keep these costings down is to leave your unit operating throughout the winter period. With long periods of inactivity, a build-up of dirt, grime or debris can form within the machine, causing it to fail to run smoothly once turned back on. If you leave your unit on a dim setting, with a small amount of cool air circulating the room, you could be preventing your unit from becoming sluggish and costly once the summer arrives.

If you have any questions or queries in regard to utilising your air conditioning unit this winter, or if you would like to arrange an appointment for a fitting or service, get in contact with a member of our JP Air Conditioning team by phoning us on 02083331191 where we will be happy to help.

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