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Sleep plays a vital, on-going role in our good health and well-being.  Getting quality sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life and safety.   During sleep is when our bodies work to support healthy a brain function, allowing your body to heal and rest so you feel refreshed, healthy, and firing on all cylinders during the hours you are awake.  During summer in particular, the heat can play havoc with getting a good night’s rest, and if you are dreading the summer rounds of thermostat wars with your family or colleagues, fear not as we take a look at what the best air con temperature is for some quality zzz’s…

As we prepare for sleep our body temperature naturally drops and experts suggest you should keep your thermostat between 15.5°C and 19.5°C to help assist this decrease.  The thinking is that by helping the body lower its core temperature, you will generally fall asleep faster.  So, those of you that enjoy turning your bedroom into a fridge before you crawl under the covers seem to be along the right lines.  However, this will not be the case for everyone.  If you are among the crank-down-the-AC sleepers and find it easier to fall asleep when the temperature in the bedroom is slightly higher (maybe in the 20s), the experts suggest that if you were to measure the quality of your sleep in that warmer environment compared to the cooler one, you are likely to find it would be better at the cooler temperature.

The science bit

It’s all to do with your biological clock (or as the experts say; your circadian rhythms) Your biological clock repeats its rhythm every day – such as the dip in core temperature at bedtime and the rise in temperature when you wake up.  Studies have shown that warm sleeping environments can interfere with regulating your biological clock temperature by preventing the body from reducing its internal thermostat, resulting in poor sleep.

Tips for when you don’t get your own way…

If you don’t quite get your own way and the air conditioning is still a bit too chilly for you to fall asleep comfortably, try layering on extra blankets.  Blankets are easy to push off during your sleep in the middle of the night (if you feel too warm) without waking you up.  Alternatively, if your bedroom still doesn’t feel cool enough for you we have heard that popping your pillowcase in the freezer before you put it on your pillow at bedtime works a treat (if you keep your head cool, your body tends to follow suit) or look into a Cooling Pillow.

So, there you have it.  Set your air conditioning thermostat between 15.5°C and 19.5°C for a better-quality night’s sleep.  The cooler environment will help protect you from some nasty chronic health problems that ongoing sleep deficiency can contribute too…and an argument or two!

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