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When it comes to choosing to install an air conditioning unit within your property, you may be overcome with numerous facts and fables, becoming unable to identify the false from the truth. Well, that’s why we are here today. Allow us to dispel those common air conditioning myths for you.


Myth: It will be more cost efficient for you to leave your air conditioning unit at the same temperature all day.

Answer: False. Leaving your unit blasting air at the same temperature throughout the day will not save you any money. Especially today with the technology available to us, programmable thermostats and units are available on the market, allowing you to set your unit to a timed schedule, ensuring that it turns on when you expect yourself to be home, and off when you know that you will be out. Due to this, there really is no reason to leave your air conditioning on throughout the day.


Myth: Having your air conditioning unit serviced is a waste of time and money.

Answer: False. To ensure that your unit works as cost-efficiently and effectively as possible, at least an annual service would be required – most manufacturers require two services per year to maintain the extended warranties. These services will check the working function of the fans and coils, recommend replacement of any parts which may have become damaged or worn over time, as well as supplying the unit with a good clean to remove any bacteria build-up that can become the culprit for those nasty smells that you may hear people complaining about. I guess they thought a service was a waste of money too!


Myth: The bigger the unit, the better the air conditioning quality

Answer: False. OK, so perhaps the bigger the unit, the larger the amount of air flow you will receive into your premises, but this doesn’t equal better quality air. Within an initial consultation meeting, your room should be measured and assessed, allowing the perfect sized unit to be delivered and installed to match the design and space within your room. You may wish to trust the professionals on this one before you overpower your room with cold or warm air which you become unable to escape.


Myth: Air conditioning units are useless in the winter as they only generate cold air.

Answer: Once again, false! People often think that air conditioning units only cool the air within your room, but this is untrue. As well as their ability to heat up, they also do as they say on the tin… they condition the air. By removing dirt and dust particles from the room, they will allow you to breathe in a cleaner supply of air, also reducing the effects of allergies such as hayfever.


As you can see, the myths around air conditioning units seem to remain as false facts. If you have any other myths or questions that you would like to speak to a professional about, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at JP Air Conditioning by calling 02083331191 or emailing us at

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